Maple Leaf CrossFit offers prospective members the opportunity to begin their CrossFit journey through our OnRamp Program! Specifically designed to prepare you for what you will endure in our daily WODs (workout of the day), this required program is complementary to all new prospective CrossFitters.

OnRamp gets you prepared to take on all MLCF classes in 3 - 1 hour personal sessions with one of our trainers! Upon completion of the OnRamp Program, you will be ready to join MLCF classes! Come check MLCF out!

The OnRamp Program will support you in learning:

  • What CrossFit Is

  • Daily Class Structure

  • What Your WOD Journey May Look Like

  • Points of Nutrition

  • The Squat & Foundational Methodology of CrossFit

  • Barbell Basics - Warm Up To Your Bar

  • CrossFit Warm Ups

  • Introductory WOD (Under 10 Minutes)

  • Points of Mobility